Here you will find a small selection of works that have been created in recent years. The creative process is the basis for both art and science. The inspiration from my nanoscience also drives my art.


Each painting arises from the process of self-organisation of pigment molecules under the guidance of the artist.


My images of the nanoworld, obtained with a scanning tunnelling microscope, inspire the idea that nature itself is also an artist.


All Paintings can be found under "C A T A L O G U E"

Also sprach Zarathustra

Nano Shark

Nano Landscape


The most important facts about ............. ME and MY ARTWORK

As Director General of the Deutsches Museum I am holding the "Oskar von Miller Chair for Science Communication" at the Technical University of Munich (TUM). In addition to his activities in the museum and at the chair, I'm a self-taught painter who is expanding the art-historical canon with new styles such as molecularism and nano-graffiti (images made from individual molecules). I allows kinetics to interact with art, thus creating unique creations and combining culture and technology.

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